Financial & Business Advisory Associates

A Member Firm of JCA International

Valuation Services

We provide independent analysis utilizing accepted valuation methodology to produce well reasoned, supportable valuation and financial consulting services.

Valuation is far from simply applying a formula to derive a set of numbers. It involves understanding the complex business, legal, economic and environmental factors to determine the value of a business or asset.

It helps in establishing your value for commercial purposes such as buy / sell transaction pricing, internal management information and planning, to litigation support and dispute resolution.

The methodology we apply depends on the objective of the valuation. Our approach is systematic and well-structured to provide you with the most comprehensive and customised solutions.

Our approach and the common methodology used are as below;


  •  Identification
  •          Define the objective, purpose and users of the valuation
  •          Determine date of valuation
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  •          Historical Financials
  •          Business and industry research
  •          Economic factors
  •          Market Comparables
  • Computation
  •          Select and apply Appropriate Methodology
  •          Report and Present Value Conclusion


  •  Earnings 
  •          Discounted Cash Flow Method
  •          Average Earnings Method
  •          Weighted Average Method
  •          Net Present Value Method
  • Cost
  •          Net Assets Method
  •          Replacement Cost method
  •          Liquidation Cost Method 
  • Market
  •           Market Capitalisation Method
  •          Comparable Transactions Method


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