Financial & Business Advisory Associates

A Member Firm of JCA International

Private Placement

F&BA specializes in working with privately-held emerging and middle market companies.

Since 1993, we have assisted several privately-held businesses with their business planning and capital-raising efforts.

We are a leading provider of private placement memorandum (PPM) services.

Why Choose F&BA to Develop Your PPM?

Demonstrated Capability & Methodology That Consistently Delivers Results.

Our private placement memorandum  development process ensures the quality and effectiveness of your PPM, presentation materials, and fundraising efforts:

• Consultations with client management regarding the company’s vision, mission, capital structure (amount of money to be raised, valuation, share structure, etc.)

• Conduct strategic research related to the Company’s target markets, customers, and competitors

• Draft offering memorandum

• Revise, edit, package, and finalize document

• Develop PowerPoint and investor marketing materials (Executive Summary, soft copy) to accompany PPM

• Facilitate regulatory compliance

Financier Standpoint

We are in ongoing consultations with all sources of funding available in the finance community, including private equity, venture capital, institutional investors and capital markets locally and internationally.
Knowing the mind of the financiers puts us in a unique position to develop private placement memorandum and presentation materials that maximize our clients’ valuations and accelerate the financier review process.

• Efficiency of Time and Cost

When compared with investment banking institutions and law firms preparation, developing your private placement memorandum with F&BA provides significant time and cost savings.

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