Financial & Business Advisory Associates

A Member Firm of JCA International

Preparation of Financial Documents

This will entail the following;

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preparation of Business Plan

In the feasibility study we shall assess the feasibility/viability of the project and advise you appropriately.

In the business plan we shall come up with a road map for the execution of the project that will show clearly how the business will operate and create value and return on investment.

We shall carry out the following;

  •          Field trips
  •          Environmental Scan/Opportunity Analysis
  •          Market Survey
  •          Competition Analysis
  •          Needs Analysis for the project and financial implications

i. Operational plan

ii. Management plan


iv.Financial plan

  •          Investment Appraisal
  •          Sensitivity Analysis
  •          Risk Analysis

We shall prepare detailed documents that will include;

  •          An Executive Summary
  •          Detailed report on the Global and Nigerian markets as it affects the project
  •          Opportunity Analysis
  •          Competition Analysis
  •          Brief on the Promoter (s)
  •          Description of Project
  •          Risk Analysis and Mitigants
  •          Market Strategy
  •          Operational Plan
  •          Management Plan
  •          Financial Plan
  •          Investment Appraisal
  •          Sensitivity Analysis
  •          Cash Flow Projections for necessary months
  •          Projected Profit and Loss Account for the necessary years
  •          Projected Balance Sheet for the necessary years
  •          Assumptions underlying the projections

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