Financial & Business Advisory Associates

A Member Firm of JCA International

Lead Advisory Services

In the role of Lead Advisor, F&BA helps entrepreneurs and companies to identify, evaluate and execute transactions.

We act as financial advisor to our clients and accompany them along the whole value chain of a transaction.

We take overall responsibility for a transaction: we co-ordinate and run the project management for deals.

In the role of Lead Advisors we work closely with the entire team of professionals involved in Transaction Services, Tax, Legal and other spheres.

We can cover all the elements of a transaction, from pre-deal considerations through to post-deal services.

By bringing to the table a wide range of skills and extensive deal experience, F&BA helps its clients to achieve the value creation they expect from their deals.

F&BA advises on both the sell and the buy side of a deal.

On the sell side the F&BA Lead Advisors:

  •  Help entrepreneurs and corporations to prepare the business for sale
  •  Advise entrepreneurs /corporations on and run the sale process on their behalf
  •  Review the business for sale
  •  Perform value considerations
  •  Identify likely buyers
  •  Draft the sales documentation — in particular the information memorandum
  •  Approach short-listed potential buyers to establish how interested they are in acquiring the business for sale
  •  Help the owners / management of the company to present the business to a limited number of buyers and assess the quality of their offers
  • Assist in negotiating, signing and closing the transaction.

On the buy side the F&BA Lead Advisors:

  •  Identify and approach the owners of businesses which might be up for sale to gauge their willingness to enter into serious sale discussions
  •  Assess the strategic fit as well as conduct preliminary value considerations
  •  Help to draft a non-binding offer
  •  Assess the attractiveness of the business for sale based on the results of financial, tax and legal and in some cases commercial and environmental due diligence
  •  Assist the client in drafting the binding offer
  •  Help to negotiate, sign and complete the deal

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