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EDUAPP: Our Mobile Education Application for Seamless Communication

EDUAPP is cutting edge technology that enhances improved relationships between parents and school staff in an interactive, and cordially engaging manner.

The technology provides timely information to parents regarding attendance, exam reports, homework, school activities and any other information they may possibly seek, while providing the school administration benefits in reduced time spent on manual answering parents’ questions, reduced administrative tasks due to process automation and the opportunity to be pro-active by providing information to parents before asking.

The technology is intuitive for the parent user and the pro-activeness as opposed to re-activeness demonstrated by traditional school staff is value adding.

With the use of a smart mobile phone, parents can log onto the communication platform using the mobile application to view all the latest happenings in the school including their child’s homework for the day, attendance and exam report records and track the school bus. And many more.

In addition, the application can be branded with your school name and logo or any other symbols, images that appropriately represents your brand.

EDUAPP is a must-have for any forward thinking educational institution looking to improve on its relationships with parents and administrative processes in a sustainable way.

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