Financial & Business Advisory Associates

A Member Firm of JCA International

Profit Enhancement

FBA’s Profitability Enhancement Service is designed to help increase your profits and shareholder value by identifying practical income improvement and expense-reduction opportunities.

By examining how your business is currently operating, our Profitability Enhancement Services can result in:

  • Improved Market Share
  • Improved earnings.
  • Improved income and expense controls.
  • Reduced labour costs.
  • Improved cross-training.
  • Improved operating efficiencies.

Profitability Study

One of the quickest ways to improve profitability is to identify both your most and least profitable customer segments:

  • Build loyalty and satisfaction programs for your most profitable customers.
  • Reduce cost or raise revenues for the least profitable.

The problems

  • Inability to distinguish profitable customers from unprofitable customers.
  • Uncertainty as to how customers use services and distribution channels.
  • Uncertainty as to what characteristics typify target customer groups.
  • Previous customer segmentation efforts have not had significant bottom-line results

Our solutions

  • Use purchase/revenue and customer transaction data to develop true profitability picture.
  • Capture all customer transactional behaviour in all channels.
  • Perform cluster analysis on key customer behaviours and correlate to target characteristics.
  • Make sure future customer segmentation efforts result in organizational changes to align customer needs with organizational focus and responsibility


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